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Hi, I’m Colin, thank you for visiting this page.

As a former police officer I have a passion for security and crime prevention. Every day I help business owners and compliance officers stay safer in an increasingly digitised world. With over 40 years of experience in this field, rest assured there isn’t much I haven’t heard about or dealt with. You are in good hands.

I’m guessing you are here today because you need help with your cyber security, staff training or due diligence investigations. You are not alone, and the following is common,

  • You’re worried about your business being attacked
  • You’re anxious and awake at night concerned that it would be a big disruption
  • You know there may be weak spots in business that need finding and protecting
  • You can’t find the information you need online

With all that in mind I’ve created some freebies to help immediately alleviate some of your stress. And if you need my 1-2-1 support, or to be signposted to other options for your specific business, check out the options further down the page. Or contact me here


Compliance Officer essentials

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