Open Source Investigation Training

Open-Source Investigations for Due Diligence

Due Diligence is a fundamental risk management function and a cornerstone to an effective Anti-Money Laundering program. The vast swathes of data available at our fingertips can make the gathering of relevant information difficult and cumbersome. Sign up for our training and we will make you much more effective and focused. As one of our delegates said recently,

“Massive amount of knowledge and information has been provided to us throughout the training. The techniques learned will enable me to produce my research efficiently by exploring and approaching the research from different angles, providing me the ability to cover all aspects of the research with more confidence.”

Make better decisions armed with the best information with our CPD certified Open-Source Investigations for Due Diligence course. Our training will give you the confidence and security that you are accessing the most credible data and are doing it safely.

What you will learn

  • Understanding what the Internet is
  • Investigative principles
  • How to find better information and quickly
  • Finding the right data about companies and entities
  • Accessing beneficial owner data
  • Sanctions
  • How to deal with foreign language
  • How to identify credible information sources
  • The difference between information and intelligence
  • Accessing other sorts of information generally hidden to less advanced users
  • Accessing social media platforms
  • Practical exercises

Why us?

  • Your trainer has over 40 years of investigative expertise and continues to conduct due diligence enquiries
  • Your training has been delivered to numerous compliance professionals globally and across multiple industry sectors
  • Your course is CPD certified
  • The exercises you will be participating in have their basis in previous investigations.
  • We bring reality to the classroom

This is a course for Due Diligence practitioners, delivered by someone with hands on experience of online investigations and Enhanced Due Diligence. Highly practical, relevant, and important. If you want to access the very best online data and safely this course is for you.

This course is ideal as in-house training for your organisation and can be delivered in-house or via a series of online workshops.

Material has been developed and will be delivered by Colin Tansley, Managing Director of Intelect. 

In house workshop requirements:

  • Stable internet connection
  • Large HD Television or projector
  • Training room/boardroom
  • White board and/or flip chart
  • Delegates require desktop or laptop devices (laptops can be provided on the Isle of Man)

Online workshop requirements:

  • Access to Zoom
  • Time offline to complete exercises post training
  • Cameras are to be activated by all delegates

You can access a download about the course here.