The A to Z of Investigative Due Diligence (one time purchase) updated April 2024


An A to Z of Investigative Due Diligence.

The trouble with writing a book on the subject is that it would be out of date before it hit the shelves! The material I have put in here represents a summary of the type of things that are covered on my acclaimed Open Source Investigative Skills training. It’s like a course in a book!

It is packed with FIFTY pages of hints and tips and a host of relevant resources gained from a lifetime career in investigative work.


Download today and supercharge your online searches.


The difficulty when trying to find information for Due Diligence is the sheer volume of it.

If you find yourself struggling to access what you need on the Internet, or where to go for it, then this ‘digital’ download will help you. It is packed with 50 pages of hints, tips, investigative wisdom and also lists some of the best sources on the World Wide Web.

A must have point of reference for;

  • Analysts
  • AML compliance officers
  • Investigators
  • Money Laundering Reporting Officers
  • Risk management professionals

If you want to find better information in the shortest space of time and use that information to make better decisions then this booklet is for you.

Download today, as a one time purchase. If you prefer updates please choose the periodic update version of this publication.

Here at Intelect Group we are committed to helping keep the world a safer place, we are confident this product will contribute to that goal.


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