Cyber Bytes 12/12/22

Data Breach Australia

Australia has been rocked with yet another data breach. According to sources over than 130,000 customer details in the custody of telecommunications provider, Telstra, have been published online in error.

An internal investigation is ongoing, and the company is in the process of notifying those affected.

Tip – If you are a custodian of customer data ensure that you are taking extra care of customer data, both on and offline. Treat it as if it were your own.

2023 predictions

McAfee have published its predictions for 2023 in relation to online threats. They say we can expect more sophisticated crypto currency scams, greater use of AI to spread disinformation and investment related fraud.

Tip – Ensure you and your staff are trained to spot the signs of an online crime. Remember people are the last line of defence, if you don’t train them and things go wrong, it’s your fault not theirs.

Spies target experts

North Korean spies are suspected to be behind a campaign targeting government employees, experts and researchers in a global intelligence gathering mission. The attackers contact their victims via email purporting to be a ‘think-tank’ seeking opinion and thoughts on North Korean security issues. It is thought this state sponsored exercise is designed to better understand international public opinion and foreign policy by eliciting information from those in ‘the know’.

Tip – This is a classic social engineering tactic, always be prepared to authenticate and verify any questions about your company from, so called research companies.

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